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Scott Cloutier

Hello Friends! I am certified as an integrative healing arts practitioner, an applied shamanic practitioner and counselor, a hypnotherapist, permaculture designer, and natural builder. I am also a lifelong farmer, a veteran, and professor who has been studying happiness and sustainability for the last 15 years.

My Story

I grew up speaking to and with the Forest of New Hampshire. As a toddler and young boy, I could be found sleeping in the chicken coop or wandering underneath a canopy of tall pine trees. I was taught to garden very young and have been doing so since, farming nearly every place I live. I experienced a good deal of trauma as a young boy and man and found refuge amongst the trees, the land, and the loving humans along my path.

I left home for the US Navy and served six years, traveling the world and experiencing the beauty of our shared planet and misuse of power in acquiring her resources. I left the military with one goal of playing college basketball and soon found myself falling in love with environmental science perspectives and classes, excited to intellectualize the natural world.


The path took me to environmental engineering and, three degrees and a PhD from Cornell University later, I felt incomplete. I had and continue to study happiness, psychology, spirituality, human behavior and development, and sustainability to no end. Yet, I had challenges with only intellectualizing nature, designing without recognizing her laws and power, and not being connected to her as I had as a child. Thus, I charted my own course studying the intersection of happiness and sustainability.

To support this journey, I continue to walk my own path of healing, slipping and standing along the way. The healing path filled aspects of myself with certifications in natural building, permaculture, the integrative healing arts, applied shamanic practice, and depth hypnosis. I have learned to hold space for my own healing and to share those gifts with those looking to explore their own healing journey as well. My path has given me the ability to speak both intellectually and spiritually about the human journey in our return to a heart centered reconnection with all beings and experiences around us. I look forward to supporting your own journey, should it call to you.


I would love to support anyone called to begin or continue their process of healing.


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