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Letting Go

Hello Dear Friends!

This week’s theme is that of letting go. Some days, it can feel like we are in the bottom of a well, knowing the exit is above with no perceived means of getting there. I have seen so many examples of people who are working to let go this week, and those who are not. Many are swearing off 2020 as the worst year ever. It is fascinating how tightly some can hold onto a plan to force change, while others hold tightly to not holding on tightly. As we move together through these amazing times, let us support one another in letting go and moving into a balanced way of being that is guided as it comes. Thus, I offer a couple ways we might be able to let go, following up on the portal or hole offering last blog.

Let the old story go

Often, when we are triggered to react or respond, we do so with the assumption that something is true. For instance, if I am told I am a bad person, I may feel the instantaneous need to prove I am good. I may do so because it hasn’t served me well being a bad person in the past. But, other stories are possible as well. Perhaps I need to be a bad person for some people, and good for others. Or, maybe I am everything and nothing in between. Regardless, I tap more deeply into my ways of knowing that are beyond those I hold closely to my chest as the only truths. Emerging into new stories can allow for new ways of being.

It’s part of nature to hold a little pain

It is normal to hold some pain in our bodies and be fearful of what may come. The pandemic has shown many of us our fears and limitations when it comes to predicting the future. And it is totally normal to fear some of what may come based on old pains and traumas. For example, I might worry about what my job will be five years from now if economic trends continue, based on living in poor conditions in the past. What I can do is work to acknowledge my pain and meet it with an open heart and mind to learn from and with it. In other words, I can let go of responding only to my pain and instead welcome it as a guest at the table.

If you need support letting go, you and I can work together to identify the things you hold tightly as your truth and assess if that makes sense to you anymore. The work is then in shifting toward what calls you, tapping into your inner knowing, and embodying that which you are called to. Together, Our Hearts Enter.

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